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Women making the most of being Smart

  1. Understanding your abilities
  2. Developing your abilities
  3. Overcoming snags along the way
  4. Expressing your abilities day in and day out

Multi-talented :  Opportunities and Responsibilities

  1. Opportunities
    1. Exploring many interests
    2. Creating your own job
    3. Connecting with diversity
  2. Responsibilities
    1. Developing talents and more
    2. Communicating talents effectively
    3. Contributing for self and the world

Life is a Maze – Finding your direction

  1. What do you want to me when you grow up (age 5-95)?
    1. Talents, abilities
    2. Dreams
    3. What’s out there?
  2. What do you value?
    1. Your personal  values
    2. Roles in your life
    3. Cycles and changes
  3. Planning techniques
    1. Backwards flow charts
    2. Mind maps
    3. Organizing with Flow

Beyond Mediocrity

  1. What is YOUR baseline?
    1. Abilities
    2. Values
    3. Dreams
  2. Barriers to moving beyond Mediocrity
    1. Expectations – yours and others
    2. Acceptance
    3. Communication
  3. Beyond Mediocrity
    1. Dreams, Desires, Goals – the destination
    2. Planning – the map
    3. Action – the journey

Formula for Exuberance

  1. Defining the I
    1. My talents, abilities, and characteristics
    2. My values and beliefs
    3. My family, culture, environment, and time in history
  2. Defining the legacy
    1. The Solution – Creations I see
    2. The Path – Creating the map
    3. The Collaboration – Creating the network
  3. Defining the Tools
    1. Author of My own story
    2. In touch with My Soul
    3. Interrelations

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