Ask Me: Who am I?

    “We start with awareness of our characteristics, genetics, attributes, intrinsic abilities.   Through that awareness we can gain Understanding”                                   Edith Johnston PhD LPC   We usually do not thoroughly explore the question:  Who am I?  We wonder.  We […]

Deep Thinking

Our thoughts can wander near and far.  Then at times our thoughts can delve into the depths of human kind, the world or the universe.  The mirage of infinity draws us in to the vastness of known and unknown.  It is the journey into the questions of why, what, when, where, and how that seem […]

Connect Eloquently with Self Understanding

Our experience can lead us to assume that others have the same way of interacting in the world as we  do.  However, each of us is a unique individual.  Differences exist in:  brain wiring, genetics, characteristics, predispositions physically and personality, beliefs, values, culture, environment, perceptions, point in time, and…  Thus our first step in connecting […]

Adjusting the Impact of the World around Us

Our family, our culture, our community, and our place and time in history have an impact on who we are.  We respond to the influence of all these factors.  Our awareness of the impact allows us to make a conscious choice.  We can adjust the influence on us by choosing to act in accordance with […]

Adjusting Beliefs and Values

  Values – signify what is important and worthwhile.  Values guide us in our day to day and major decisions.  Values impact our actions, interactions, and the choice we make. Beliefs – are thoughts, assumptions, through our understanding and knowledge we accept as our truths.  Beliefs are formed out of experiences and what has been […]

Adjusting with Understanding

Many times we feel out of sync; the odd person out; like we are never understood; or why don’t “they” get it.  We adjust because this is not comfortable.  Our adjustments can be:  limiting ourselves, avowing others, playing the clown, or many other options.  Many times these kinds of adjustments are the result of not […]