Who Are You Talking To? (Imaginary Friends)

The reason I talk to myself is to have an intelligent conversation at least once in a while. Hey you want to come along to a land far away?  Want to go on an adventure?  Shall we go to Honahlee?  There is a special friend there that I met through Peter Yarrow and Leonard Lipton. […]

Adjusting Expectations

  Expectation: A strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future A belief that someone will or should achieve something The act or state of looking forward or anticipating Assumption, belief, destiny, possibility, intention, presumption, likelihood    Expectations?????? Expectations can motivate us or discourage us.  Expectations come from within and without.  […]

Adjusting – Oh Yeah! That’s Intense

  The brightness of colors everywhere The melodies and counterpoints in nature and everyday hustle The joy and the sadness The delight and disappointment The passion and the void The engagement and the withdrawal Each and every experience has its own degree of intensity. “Too much” says the little voice within and on the air. […]

Adjusting – “Feeling Lost”

  Inside we feel out of sync. We feel we don’t fit in. We have a void or are on the brink of an abyss. We know there is more. We question the meaning of life. We feel lost to ourselves and lost among others.   How do we adjust to such deep feelings?   […]

Not an Imposter

Be Confident in your Best You are the Real thing Not an Imposter

Not Perfection

Strive for Excellence Not Perfection Respect the Completion