Taoism and Expression for Me

  All the talent is bottled up inside me just waiting for the cork to pop so the bubbly can shower everywhere.  This is my own special variety of bubbly.  Not to be shared.  As the bubbles explode in the air they catch the light and rainbows are formed.  So fitting, for the exuberance that […]

Free Time – What to do?

  Free Time What will you do?  How will you handle time that is available?  Summer time?  Vacation time?  A cancelled appointment? Free time What will you do?  

Smart Intelligent and Missing in Action

  Many smart multi-talented women defer or negate their multiple talents and expressing them with intentness.  They may have dumbed down their intelligence to fit in or accepted expected roles.  They can be experiencing a level of success.  However, they may have a feeling of is there more, a feeling of frustration, or a feeling […]

Expressing for the World as a Multi-Talent

Talents galore!  Passion abounds!  Solutions are seen for multitude of problems and needs.  Beauty Lies within and without.  All is in the venues of expression of multi-talents. A responsibility and/or a desire to create, within the world or for the world, rings true within our being. The rapid pace of ideas, solutions, creations, to weld […]

Creating Consistently

Allow for space and time Know the vast resource contained within Dabble for pleasure and let the source from within flow

Expressing for Me as a Multi-Talent

There is magic and mystery in all these talents that are experienced easily.  Expressing the talents is a necessity; a passion; a flow of joy.  The need is for me to see what I can do, to complete, to create, to get out of my head and make it a reality.  Privately, experiencing the being […]