Expressing for the World – Thinking It Through

Expressing our multi-talents is a vital part of who we are.  Expressing for the world is in part a responsibility.  Expressing for the world may also meet some of our other desires; such as, recognition.  In additions some expression involves interaction with others to be of service or to present.  Expressing for the world is […]

Expressing for Me – Thinking It Through

We are driven to express ourselves.  This expression can be a private personal expression.  We can write, sing, play, dance, pain, create for an audience of one – me.  We need to acknowledge that is ok. Without expression we experience a discontent which takes many forms.  To bring harmony and joy to our lives we […]

What are your Dreams?

Dreams are wishes upon a star. Dreams are make believe. Dreams are desires coming through. Dreams are the fuel for Reality. What dreams will you crystallize and then realize?   What is your experience?  Share in the comments below.  Join in the conversation.  

Your Expression is VAST

The world around you is vast The world within you is vast Your multi-talents are Your expression for the world is vast   What is your experience?  Share your journey in the comments below.  Let’s connect.

Taoism and Expression for the World

  As Multi-Talents, we exude creative energy that titillates the possibilities of beauty, solutions, and unity.  There is a responsibility in expressing our talents for the world.  We have the intrinsic energy combined with the passion for expression.  The what and how is ours to determine. Let’s get important things done with simplicity, purpose, focus, […]

Taoism and Expression for Me

  All the talent is bottled up inside me just waiting for the cork to pop so the bubbly can shower everywhere.  This is my own special variety of bubbly.  Not to be shared.  As the bubbles explode in the air they catch the light and rainbows are formed.  So fitting, for the exuberance that […]