Taoism and Connecting the Dots

Connect the Dots… A strong desire exists for people to find connections.  This in turn becomes patterns, literature and music.  Think about music for a moment, in life, as life. The moments are notes Strung together, this becomes a song of life Our consciousness the melody The tempo, is the heart beating                                     Casey Kochmer,  […]

Taoism and Connecting with Others

Our daily lives are filled with interacting with others at work, home, in the community and across virtual settings.  We are misunderstood and misunderstand frequently because of how our brain and emotions function.  .  We have a fast paced thought pattern and fervent emotional experiences.   However, we have the ability to learn communication skills and […]

Taoism and Connecting with Others Like Me

  As Multi-Talents many times we experience aloneness because finding others that are like us and can relate to our various unique characteristics that are our norm is challenging.  When you look at the numbers with our intelligence and creativity being on the upper end of the bell curve, we are not a dime a […]

Smart Intelligent and Missing in Action

  Many smart multi-talented women defer or negate their multiple talents and expressing them with intentness.  They may have dumbed down their intelligence to fit in or accepted expected roles.  They can be experiencing a level of success.  However, they may have a feeling of is there more, a feeling of frustration, or a feeling […]