Can We Communicate? LOL

We come in contact with a variety of people every day.  Our communication skills are tested regularly.  Putting our foot in our mouth can be a regular occurrence.  We can also shake our heads at others conversations.  Either way it creates laughable situations. Interacting with others can be a challenge and not our favorite thing.  […]

Connecting as a Multi-Talent

  Connecting with ourselves, with others like us, with those around us daily, and the dots in the big picture are all important. We need to make connections.  We need to connect all the aspects as a multi-talent within.  We need to connect with others like us, finding a tribe to easily be who we […]

Is There Anyone Like Me? LOL

“I am such a dizzy, scattered, off the wall individual.  When I talk, it is rapid pace, a subject in depth, expansive and intelligent.” Oh my, the laughs, that can create from others and of course, rolled eyes and shaking heads.   However, is that not our response at times when we hear others talk, that […]

Connecting the Dots – Thinking It Through

We see the various dots that span the world, the multitude of fields of studies, and the broad spectrum of the arts.  We can see connections that among the dots that may be obvious or obscure or may seem not related.  We can see the big picture. The way we connect the dots leads to […]

Connecting with Others – Thinking It Through

We interact with a variety of people every day.  These interactions can be challenging and filled with misunderstandings.  We have the cognitive ability and sensitivity to enhance communication with others.  It is a skill set we can develop whether it is natural or not.  Yes we can have other attributes that our social skills are […]

Connecting with Others Like Me – Thinking it Through

Being unique and very different with difficulty of “fitting in” is a fact of being a multi-talent.  It has value to connect with others that have similarities in the way we think and the intensity or sensitivity of experiences.  The connection, even tentatively, allows us to let some of our guard down and know we […]