Imagination with Acey & Tyro

Active imagination can create new ideas, images, or stories.  The imagination is made up in our minds and not necessarily based in reality. The use of imagination can be a marvelous creative tool for arts and problem solving.  The use of the imagination can also be to escape reality or to present imagined situations as […]

Oh! Look! With Acey & Tyro

Oh! Look! We hear and say this often.  Two perspectives:  1) We are easily distracted, 2) We have lots of interests and curiosity. Anything and everything can catch our attention.  We want to touch, feel, taste, look up close, try it on, or figure it out.  That is just who we are.   Acey says:  […]

Being Different Wizardly with Acey and Tyro

Let’s explore being different.  There are two ways to look at being different.  1) Everyone seems different from me. 2) I am so different. Being different – whether it is everyone else is different from us ore no one is like me, I’m different – is hard for all ages from children to adults.  Gaining […]

Friends with Acey & Tyro

Feeling included, respected and cared about by friends is important to all.  Fitting in with peers that have similar interests and abilities as well as with those who are different involves comparing and conforming.  We have feelings.  Others have feelings.  We are all very different and learning how to relate to each other is important […]

Sensations Galore with Acey & Tyro

The experience of seeing, smelling, tasting, touching and hearing are heightened.  Sensations are sought after or vehemently avoided. Acey explains to Tyro –we seek out a variety of colors, textures, sounds, smells and tastes for the pleasure we experience.  On the other hand the slightest sensation can irritate, frustrate or overload us.  We have to […]

Boredom with Acey & Tyro

Boredom results in seeking stimulation. Boredom is not finding interest in a topic or activity,  not finding it challenging,  or being able to easily complete it and needing something else to do.  Boredom and the resulting behaviors are the student’s way of seeking to meet needs of stimulation, curiosity, and energy dissipation.  Let’s  create the […]