Joy of the Season with Acey & Tyro

May you experience the joy of the season today and everyday.  As you meet and interact with family, friends, and all others may you experience joy.  May your life be filled with joy. From Acey, Tyro and Dr. Edith  

It’s Not Finished with Acey & Tyro

We have laser focus for areas we are interested in and passionate about.  We can delve into one or our specific areas and not want to come out.  We get involved in a project and know there is more and it can be better.  We can become irritated if bothered or if it is not […]

Not Understood with Acey & Tyro

We do and say things others do not understand.  We solve problems and cannot show how, or do it totally different than expected.  We need to move around, have dimmed lights, or less noise.  We have difficulties with certain textures or things against our skin.  We have lots of questions.  We easily cry.  Our peers […]

Not Good Enough with Acey & Tyro

Whatever we are doing we critique to see if it is perfect.  We usually respond, ‘it’s not good enough’.  We have high standards and high expectations.  If it comes easy, must not be good enough.  We experience frustrations, self-doubt, and at times the inability to start for fear of not producing perfection.  Then there is […]

Thankful with Acey & Tyro

  We are thankful for family and friends.  Thankful for things we have, food, water, shelter.  We are thankful for our abilities and to be able to let go.  Cultivating gratitude is foundational for character, justice/equality for all, peace and joy. Acey says:  Paying attention to all the little things that contribute to health, safety, […]

Expectations with Acey & Tyro

We have expectations of ourselves and others have expectations of us.  Many times because we are smart we are expected to be able to do anything and everything by ourselves.  These expectations are not accurate or real.  We also have expectations about things that will happen and we are going to do and that is […]