TBI & High Intellect


Everything Came Easy, Now I Can’t Think

TBI and High Intellect – 3 Part series

Assessment, Impact, Strategies


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Part I  What does High Intellect Matter       Oct. 4th, 2017

Understanding the characteristics of those with high intellectual ability pre TBI

Part II Their Story      Feb. 7th, 2018

The impact of Mild / Moderate TBI on high intellectual ability individuals

Part III  Strategies  for  Restoring the Whole      
April 4th, 2018
Self-assessment, Self-Management tools and a Psycho-education model for mitigating impact of TBI .


Series of three ninety-minute seminars:

I.  Understanding high intellectual ability individuals characteristics (prior to mild/moderate BI)

  1. Cognitive, Creative, Affective, Behavioral
  2. Neurology of Giftedness
  3. Gifted adults – work/life
  4. Lack of identification/awareness by gifted individuals
  5. Relevance to Brain Injuries

II.  The Impact of Mild/Moderate Brain Injuries on high intellectual ability individuals

  1. Symptoms experienced
  2. The differential impact of the symptoms
  3. Stories from the field – Professionals and Survivors
  4. Awareness for professionals and Advocacy for Survivors
III.  Tools and Psycho-educational Model for assessment and treatment
  1. Self-report assessment tools of giftedness and brain injury
  2. Discussions, referrals, self-directed management options
  3. Psycho-educational Model for mitigating impact of mild/moderate BI of individuals with highly intellectual ability.
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