Overcoming the inside and outside stuff

Inside is such a place of chaos.  It is a place of facing an abyss without any safety ropes.  Inside varies vastly in its temperature from very cold to very hot.  Inside is so isolating and yet so cozy comfortable.  Inside can feel like a void or be so overwhelming full.  Inside comes bursting out […]

Trying Too Hard

‘Trying too hard’ can be the results of perfectionism.  It can also be part of self-doubt or intensity and determination. ‘Trying too hard’ can relate to shoulds and musts.  Why do you have the goal?  Why are you pursuing this project?  What are you telling yourself?  Expectations – yours, others – realistic, desirable, true to […]

A Slip, A Lapse, A Collapse

I ran across the post by Capt. Chadwick Ackison, a clinical psychologist and chief of the Resiliency Element, on SMART goals (here) .  He talked about setting goals and also about getting sidetracked – experiencing slips, lapses, and collapses.  These are the realities of moving forward on dreams and goals.   Capt. Ackison describes – […]

Under Achievement – Achievement – Over Achievement | Where are You?

Achievement:   something accomplished, especially by superior ability, special effort, great courage, etc.; a great or heroic deed: his remarkable achievements in art. 1. something that has been accomplished, esp. by hard work, ability, or heroism 2. successful completion; accomplishment     A common question is: what are we achieving or plan to achieve — in […]

Expression Within Mine Eyes

We are driven to express and utilize out talents.  This expression can be for personal pleasure and for the personal experience of being in the flow. The experience of joy and contentment permeates our life. We may create in a mindset of depression or discontent ant that still provides the outlet for our intrinsic drive. […]


Underachievement from Edith Johnston on Vimeo. Related articles Kenya says all hostages freed in al Shabaab mall siege – Reuters Sen. Ted Cruz happy to be outlier in shutdown showdown – Washington Post BlackBerry Buyout Offer Raises Array of Questions – New York Times Former FBI Agent Pleads Guilty in Leak to AP – New […]