Growing up being “Smart”

Each of us has a story.  Being smart many times is not all it is cracked up to be.  There are all our characteristics being played out inside us and then outside because they will come out.  We do not always fit in and we experience a desire to get away because of over stimulus, […]

Have you a special someone?

When it comes to be gifted and connecting with a significant other there are a variety of challenges.  However, there is also great joy.  As in any relationship, communication is paramount.  Another dynamic that matters is knowing ourselves.  We are intense, emotional, sensitive, empathic, driven, passionate, perfectionists, and human.  We desire an ideal relationship of […]

Holiday season is upon us

Holidays – a time for celebration.  There are expectations – ours, family’s, community’s, retail industry, etc.  There are past experiences.  So today what is our perspective of holidays?  There can be joy in the celebration, the family traditions, and the community sharing.  There can be the hassle of the hustle and the bustle and the […]

7 Strategies to Function as a Multi-Talent

Why 7?  For the fun of it let’s look at the number 7 first.  In Jin Shin – the point #7 clears the head bringing our consciousness through a complete cycle to “victory” from mental tensions.  It brings us to completion; the end and the beginning.  #7 is cessation for the moment, safety and security.  […]

Have You Done a Check Up Recently?

A check up from the neck up or from head to toes and everything in between? Recently we looked at the Roles of our life and managing them. This involved looking at our values, what is important to us and deciding what roles we wanted to play for our life story.  In addition, to the […]

What stands in our way?

There never seems to be enough hours in the day.  Or the year has gone by so fast.  Or I will do that when…..  Each of these is the perspective that time is out of our control.  Yet we have choice on what we do with our time – spend it, use it, waste it, […]