Are we there yet?

‘Are we there yet?’  is a question that is asked by children on road trips.  It is also asked by adults – about making it in the world – reaching success –  reaching the peak of their career. As a gifted female there is also the questioning, the doubt, the fear of being found out, […]

Self-Doubt Never Eliminated

You have tried and tried.  You have succeeded and achieved.  You have made an impact from behind the scenes and openly.  Yet, a door slamming in your face still creates self-doubt.  Am I really all that smart?  Why does my background of education, certification, and experience not warrant recognition and acknowledgment?  You do not have […]

I’m making it, right?

I have a good paying job.  I have responsibilities at work.  I have progressed in my career.  I have a home and a family.  I have a place of my own and a circle of friends.  I do a variety of activities outside of work.  I play hard.  I have contributed to the community.  I […]