Smart – but what, where, how to express

As multi-talents there is a drive to create and express our various talents.  There is a passion to explore and experience our multitude of interests.  There are times we just want to do so in the quiet of our own space and other times we want to shout it out to the world.  There is […]

Smart, what is there to develop?

We can have intelligence in many areas and outstanding abilities in one or more.  It does not mean our expression is well developed.  An obvious example is music is your talent and piano is your instrument.  Practice and development of the talent to master the skill for a desired expression is necessary.  Immersing ourselves in […]

Smart, but so hard to overcome

Too much to overcome.  Feeling lost and alone.  There is so much chaos and pain.  Every day is a roller coaster of emotions and sensations.  Then the expectations rain down. Being multi-talented means experiencing everything with intensity and extremes.  It is part of who we are.  It is also the part that results in discomfort […]

Smart, but where is the understanding?

Where is the understanding?  Smart and can figure out a million things.  On the other hand, why can’t others get it?  Frequently asked and pondered.  Also, lack of understanding felt so deep that a whirlwind of chaos is experienced. Being multi-talented sets the scene for a dynamic with understanding and misunderstanding.  Need to start with […]

Devoid of the Void

Do you feel like you are swimming in a deep dark pool of nothingness? When confronted with not fitting in; feeling weird and out of sync; not being able to connect with others; and/or feeling total chaos/confusion – we can go to a black hole.  We experience the void; a complete emptiness; unfulfilled existence; life […]

Personal Development of Multi-Talents