Pros and Cons of Being Smart

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Self-Doubt Never Eliminated

You have tried and tried.  You have succeeded and achieved.  You have made an impact from behind the scenes and openly.  Yet, a door slamming in your face still creates self-doubt.  Am I really all that smart?  Why does my background of education, certification, and experience not warrant recognition and acknowledgment?  You do not have […]

To Test for Mensa or Not

I have thought for a long time “I am Smart”.  I have been told that I am smart.  I was a challenge for the teachers in elementary school.  I did not officially get tested or labeled for any gifted programs.  I changed schools too often probably.  I took lots of tests for college and grad […]

Connecting with my Community and Folks in General

We live in this world and those like us are few and far between.  However, to accomplish our daily lives we need to connect with those around us.  Each of us develops our own style to make this happen. We need to understand and know ourselves.  We need to be conscious of our characteristics as […]

Connecting with People Like Me

Knowing we think differently and do not fit in, we need to find like minds.  We want to converse with others that understand our sense of humor.  We thrive on conversations and activities that challenge us.  We respond with strong emotions and want to be understood.  We are extremely sensitive to our environment. Connecting with […]