Overcoming the Sadness of Not Fitting In

When we realize we do not fit in – whether it is at home, with peers, or at work/school, it creates a response within us.  Many times that response is one of sadness.  We can feel like we are all alone in the crowd. Understanding what it is about us that creates the difference of […]

Begin Anew

A new day has begun.  A new year has begun.  It is a new moment to explore and discover.  Let loose your curiosity and wonder. Where will you go?  What will you do?  Do you have a direction and a plan? Will you see the light within the gloom?  Will you hear the whispers internal […]

Fabulous Me, Fabulous You, Celebrate!

Each day is a celebration.  No each day is not perfect happiness.  Yet each day is a celebration of life, living, being, exploring, experiencing.  And yes, that is about the great moments and the not so great moments.  In that celebration we need to acknowledge how fabulous we are and celebrate. I can get so […]

Abilities and Disabilities – Twice Exceptional

Being a multi-talent does not exclude us from having multiple challenges.  We know that we have many interests and many abilities.  Sometimes we think we are ‘crazy’ because of our intensity, overexcitabilities, and emotional roller coaster.  Then there are times we truly have defined, whether diagnosed or not, disabilities.  We may have challenges like Cerebral […]

Chaos in the Fog

What is your experience? Share your journey in the comments below. Let’s connect.

Deep Wonders

Do you wonder who you are? Do you wonder who you can be? Are you willing to explore?   What is your experience?  Share your journey in the comments below. Let’s connect.