Grief and Identity Changes

Who am I seems to be a question that feels elusive like a squirrel chasing its tail. On the other hand we think / say we know ourselves so well. Then there is a significant situation, experience, change in our lives and it’s like starting all over again. The incident that has the significant impact […]

Ask Me: Why can’t I fit in or make friends?

    “Being different, not fitting in is part of our life adventure.  The next step is ours to choose.” Edith D Johnston PhD LPC Feeling like I am different, weird, out of sync with the world, too much or unique:  is a day in day out experience.  For myself, I am an ambivert.  I […]

Self-Concept: Who are we?

The experience of loss of sense of self …   Has there been a time when you felt you were not the same person as before?  Did you have the feeling you were not yourself? What do we mean when referring to Self-Concept?  “Self-concept is generally thought of our perception of our behavior, abilities and […]

Overcoming the Sadness of Not Fitting In

When we realize we do not fit in – whether it is at home, with peers, or at work/school, it creates a response within us.  Many times that response is one of sadness.  We can feel like we are all alone in the crowd. Understanding what it is about us that creates the difference of […]

Begin Anew

A new day has begun.  A new year has begun.  It is a new moment to explore and discover.  Let loose your curiosity and wonder. Where will you go?  What will you do?  Do you have a direction and a plan? Will you see the light within the gloom?  Will you hear the whispers internal […]

Fabulous Me, Fabulous You, Celebrate!

Each day is a celebration.  No each day is not perfect happiness.  Yet each day is a celebration of life, living, being, exploring, experiencing.  And yes, that is about the great moments and the not so great moments.  In that celebration we need to acknowledge how fabulous we are and celebrate. I can get so […]