Expressing Me???

I have so much bottled up inside me, that just has to come out.  I get started on so many things and nothing is completed.  I create in many ways but it is not accepted or respected.   I make a benchmark and then run away. I dance, sing, play my heart out.  Then ask will […]

To Make the Most of Me

Yes we have multiple talents and many things that come easy to us.  However, that does not result in excellence or mastery.  We also have areas that we struggle with, are not so good at.  That only means we are human, perfection is for the gods.  To make the most of me, we need to […]

Too Smart For Your Own Good!

How often have you heard you are too smart for your own good?  And that comes right on the tale of you are oh so smart, look at all you know.  Yep, mixed messages.  At one point you are admired and respected for your knowledge, genius, creativity and the next moment you are ridiculed and […]