Abilities as a Multi-Talent

Abilities or our talents are those innate aspects that come easily and naturally to us as multi-talents.  Some of these abilities we have interests and passions for; but maybe not all of them.  We pursue various talents by choice, guidance or expectations.  We stumble as we pursue the talents because our express is not good […]

Develop Potential – Fulfillment of Life

Lots of talk (guidance, instruction, dictate, expectations …)on “do something with your life”; “live up to your potential”; “make something of yourself”;  “be all you can be”; “do your best”. What is your response to this talk?  What is your self-talk around these sayings?  Do you value doing your best?  Do you never achieve your […]

Too Smart For Your Own Good!

How often have you heard you are too smart for your own good?  And that comes right on the tale of you are oh so smart, look at all you know.  Yep, mixed messages.  At one point you are admired and respected for your knowledge, genius, creativity and the next moment you are ridiculed and […]