Crocheted Hats

  Why crocheted hats?  What, crocheted hats?  Sure, why not.  I crochet because it changes the focus of my mind and it takes some focus, yet also is a routine.  I feel productive while I veg.  I like the results, the colors, the rhythm, the simplistic (sometimes not so simple) creativity process.  It is fun […]

The Child Within

The Child is buried within.  Oh how that child wants to dance and sing.  The child jumps and shouts.  The child sits in a corner.  How the child wants to come out and play today. We hear a lot about the inner child; the need to listen to the inner child; the wisdom of the […]

Where does play fit in?

Play as an adult – for rejuvenation, creativity, integration, and FUN.  Children learn through play.  They look at the world with wonder.  Responsibility is part of growing up, and play remains a necessity in the plan. The idea of play we want to look at is an activity used to relax or refresh the body […]