Who Are You Talking To? (Imaginary Friends)

The reason I talk to myself is to have an intelligent conversation at least once in a while. Hey you want to come along to a land far away?  Want to go on an adventure?  Shall we go to Honahlee?  There is a special friend there that I met through Peter Yarrow and Leonard Lipton. […]

Have you had your Daily Dose of Play?

Play:  to engage in an activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. We are serious, passionate, dedicated people.  We want to ensure justice and solutions for the world problems.  We are high energy and doers of many things.  To fuel all this we need rest, relaxation and play. Play creates […]

Having Strength in New Experiences

     What new experiences do you have on the horizon?  Are you going to try something on your bucket list?  Are you going to make a lifestyle change for your health?  Are you going to learn something new – at school, at work, or for pleasure? What will it take to come from strength […]

Music to My Ears

  Music is a language that connects me   To calm, relax, let go and accept     To enthusiasm, initiation and movement To fun, play and appreciation To myself To others All with JOY!

Fun and Play delightful for children and adults

  The delight of play and discovery as a child and as the child within.   Each day brings a celebration and time to be whimsy.  

A Work In Progress

It really is progressing!  Step by step, a new space is being created.   Yes, the restoration/renovation was out of necessity.  To enable the insurance dollars to stretch a little further I am doing some of the work myself.  I am doing the “painting”.  That requires the mud work, the caulking, the primer and the […]