Failure is a Beginning not an End

When we experience failure we may be devastated and quit.  Yet, failure means we tried something.  We have been in action. To fail is to risk and learn.  We fear failure if we expect perfection.  With our curiosity and desire to explore there will be times when the outcome is not what we wanted or […]

Stand Tall as a Smart Woman

Smart Women  Stand Tall Know Your Abilities Sing Your Own Song Climb the Mountains Explore Your Talents Enjoy Being You

Developing the Inside and Out

Inside many things come easily and are just done.  Inside struggles with things that do not come easily.  Inside does not see the results as good enough.  Inside gets bored frequently without a challenge.  Inside is in continual turmoil. Outside achievement and production are the focus.  Outside requires routine and accountability.  Outside does not understand […]

To Make the Most of Me

Yes we have multiple talents and many things that come easy to us.  However, that does not result in excellence or mastery.  We also have areas that we struggle with, are not so good at.  That only means we are human, perfection is for the gods.  To make the most of me, we need to […]

Do (you) I understand Me?

As an intelligent individual with multiple talents, the usual feeling is one of not fitting in.  What is it that I do not understand?  What is so different about me? Yes, we always ask why other people do not understand us and what will it take for them to get it.  However, are we clear […]


“No one keeps his enthusiasm automatically. Enthusiasm must be nourished with new actions, new aspirations, new efforts, new vision.” Khemetic Saying   Yes, we most often connect renewal with Spring.  However, without the quiet, dark rest of winter, resources would not gather for the new birth come Spring.  We are at the point in the […]