Personal Standards | Where Do You Set the Bar?

Personal standards just like academic, product or company standards are important.  Standards need to be excellent, not perfect.  As a multi-talented, perfection is many times where my sights are set.  I expect much of myself and dealing with failure is difficult.  I know I am capable of many things and doing well.  Different points of […]

Connecting with my Community and Folks in General

We live in this world and those like us are few and far between.  However, to accomplish our daily lives we need to connect with those around us.  Each of us develops our own style to make this happen. We need to understand and know ourselves.  We need to be conscious of our characteristics as […]

Harnessing the Chaos of Multi-talents

With the intensity and drive in our lives coming from the gut / innate level, we have to make a conscious effort to bring balance, so as not to experience burnout.   Burnout can take many forms – significant decline in physical health, exhaustion, depression, suicide, disconnect (from others, from self, existential).  In order for us […]