Honoring Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is about nurturing, caring, supporting and honoring.  My salutation on my emails is “Honoring all that we are.”  This is a day set aside to honor mothers – who create life.   Thus in the broader sense we honor life itself.  The process of honoring starts with respecting ourselves as a valuable being of […]

Is the Route Predetermined?

Is where I am headed all laid out?  Are my expectations mine or someone else’s? We have multiple talents and a multitude of choices.  However, are we consciously choosing? There are expectations of what is “acceptable” as career and life choices as determined by our family, our culture, and/or our environment.  Then there are the […]

Made a Mistake – That Sinking Feeling

When you don’t feel right about something you said, did, or left undone, does it give you that sinking feeling?  Do you feel all churned up inside, because you know that was not what you intended or wanted to transpire?  You know your standards, your mode of operation, is much higher than that. It can […]

To prove myself or follow my dreams?

Making career decisions are always a challenge.  Over the years those decision have been made with various priorities being considered.  The factors have included – family, significant other, interests, challenges, personal preference, expectations (mine and others), responsibilities, environment (economic, geographical location, community).  Each has been made from the perspective of a multi-talented woman. As typical […]

What is Important in Making Life or Career Decisions?

Let’s go beyond, is the decision right or wrong (for me), or there is only one answer.  We need to look at an action oriented process that takes in the many facets of our lives.  We need to look at our interests, desires, values, identity, preferences, experiences, responsibilities and goals for our lives.  Our dislikes […]