Adjusting to Learning

  Our ability to take in and process information rapidly comes easy.  We can integrate, translate, and apply the information.  We know.  However, to gain further knowledge and evolve wisdom we need to adjust through learning how to learn.  This involves doing thing that do NOT come easily.  Yes, staying with things that are hard.  […]

Learn to Learn

Learn how to Learn and Your Horizons Broaden

Why do I need to learn, I’m smart?

  Here is a conversation with Dr. Edith Johnston on Why Do I need to learn, I’m Smart?  Exploring how we leap from one idea to another.  How we have the answer and do not know how we got it.  Why it is important to learn to integrate various skills and knowledge.  Why learning how […]

Of Course, I Know That – LOL

We are able to gather and process a great amount of data.  We are able to create solutions, theories, stories, art, or music.  We do any and all of this easily.  So, of course, we know that. However, what happens when we bump up against something that does not come easy?  Everything we know and […]

Learning as a Multi-Talent

Ahhh the vast amount of information we integrate with ease.  The dots we can connect so quickly and so obviously.  Yet the frustration we can experience when we do not get something quickly and easily.  What do we know about learning?  Excellence is not obtained without delving into the subject/skill.  Learning is required.  Mastery involves […]

Learning New Things – fun, not fun – depends.

As I have taken this journey and continue step by step, I am always learning new things.  This is a passion of mine to learn new, different, more– ideas, concepts, skills.  To explore the know and the unknown.  Take trips and see the world and the people.  To open a book, watch a program, experience […]