Grief and Identity Changes

Who am I seems to be a question that feels elusive like a squirrel chasing its tail. On the other hand we think / say we know ourselves so well. Then there is a significant situation, experience, change in our lives and it’s like starting all over again. The incident that has the significant impact […]

Ask Me: What is with feeling so empty and no hope?

    “Facing the abyss, the turmoil of loneliness, our response is self-compassion.” Edith D Johnston PhD LPC   Not being heard; not being accepted; feeling all alone, creates a hollowness, an emptiness inside.  Not seeing results, or outcomes that matter leaves us hanging.  The experience can be confusion and pain from all the suffering, […]

Managing Intensities

Managing the Intensities Allows for experiencing the world  and  Expressing wit Respect  Share your experience.  Leave a comment.  Let’s connect.

Intensity and Overwhelm

  Here is a conversation with Dr. Edith Johnston on Intensity and Overwhelm.  Experiencing all our senses and life in general with great intensity.  The ability to manage and explore the intensity.  The benefits and challenges of being highly sensitive, excitable and intense.  Listen and join in a conversation below in the comments.  Let’s connect.

Intensity an Honor

I sense, I feel the world with Intensity! What an Honor!   Share your experience.  Leave a comment.  Let’s connect.

On the Wild Side – LOL

We are exuberant, excitable, intense, energetic, and enthusiastic in our presence and expression.  Oh my, the responses we get are –that was brilliant, over the top, or too much.  As a child we may be indulged as that is so cute and then as adults shunned because it overly done and thus seen as inappropriate.  […]