Figuring out the “How To” in Life

  Let’s figure out the ‘how to’ for the next step forward on the journey of life.  Whether one is experiencing a life transition, the quagmire of chronic pain, uncertainty of making dreams a reality; we can assess abilities, strengths, skills, and values and discover options for living life fully.  With understanding of ourselves, overcoming […]

Taoism and Learning

  As Multi-Talents, so many things come so easily for us.  We do not have to prepare, study, or work at it.  Many times we make it through classes without exerting any real effort.  Then we may make such comments that it is all so easy and thus we are bored.  The question becomes do […]

Connecting the Dots as a Multi-Talent

Connecting the dots of the big picture is something that comes naturally and yet there can be gaps.  Other times that is exactly what we see is the gaps in the big picture and opportunities or solutions to fill the gaps – complete the connecting of the dots. There is also the aspect of connecting […]

Writing at Dare Whimsy today 01-08-15 Join us.

This week at This week’s discussion among The Women of Dare Whimsy: Between Us Girls will be focused on how we set goals, protect boundaries, and expectations from being hijacked by others.  What does it take with many interests and talents to set and accomplish goals? Here at  information is shared to assist […]

Developing the Inside and Out

Inside many things come easily and are just done.  Inside struggles with things that do not come easily.  Inside does not see the results as good enough.  Inside gets bored frequently without a challenge.  Inside is in continual turmoil. Outside achievement and production are the focus.  Outside requires routine and accountability.  Outside does not understand […]

Is the Route Predetermined?

Is where I am headed all laid out?  Are my expectations mine or someone else’s? We have multiple talents and a multitude of choices.  However, are we consciously choosing? There are expectations of what is “acceptable” as career and life choices as determined by our family, our culture, and/or our environment.  Then there are the […]