Gifted: Not Identified – Not Expressed

There are ongoing discussions on how gifted children are not supported in their K-12 experience.  Let’s take that one step further and acknowledge there are those that are not even identified.  They quietly make it through the curriculum.  They get labeled as lazy or not motivated as under achievers. They are identified as trouble makers or […]

A Rose is a Rose or Not?

We label the rose so that we can talk about it with others.  And yet when we say rose are we thinking the same thing? There are red roses, yellow roses, white roses, and variations the full spectrum of the rainbow.  There are long stem roses and tea roses.  There are hybrid roses and wild […]

Contribution through Expression

This is an exciting time as the means to contribute the expression of your multi-talents is at your fingertips.  The opportunity to make a difference has never had such a wide reach.  We are hearing about the age of the linchpin or change agent from a variety of people – Seth Godin, Brendon Burchard, Chris […]

Too Smart For Your Own Good!

How often have you heard you are too smart for your own good?  And that comes right on the tale of you are oh so smart, look at all you know.  Yep, mixed messages.  At one point you are admired and respected for your knowledge, genius, creativity and the next moment you are ridiculed and […]

The story of my Aha Moment and Being Gifted

My Aha Moment came when I understood the best way for me to pursue my passion of enabling people to be their best and that they are not lost, was by telling my story.  I have multiple degrees, had multiple jobs, and have done things well.  Something was still missing. For the most part our […]