Pros and Cons of Being Smart

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Smart, Brilliant, Intelligent – What does it Matter?

Everyday is a challenge.  Trying to stay focused.  Trying to have enough energy to get things done.  Going to work / school and not being bored out of my head.  Repeat, repeat, repeat – doing the same things, hearing the same thing – over and over.  Things come easily.  The answers are obvious.  It is all […]

Developing Balance

Our minds race.  Our lives are oh so busy.  Balancing our various responsibilities, stress, play, desires, meaning, and quiet times is key to developing ourselves.  Let’s explore ways to juggle the many facets of life and continue to develop our talents and abilities for expression. Let’s start with racing minds.  This creates challenges in focusing, […]

Do (you) I understand Me?

As an intelligent individual with multiple talents, the usual feeling is one of not fitting in.  What is it that I do not understand?  What is so different about me? Yes, we always ask why other people do not understand us and what will it take for them to get it.  However, are we clear […]

Are we there yet?

‘Are we there yet?’  is a question that is asked by children on road trips.  It is also asked by adults – about making it in the world – reaching success –  reaching the peak of their career. As a gifted female there is also the questioning, the doubt, the fear of being found out, […]

Burnout ???

So Tired…  To go on – is it determination, persistence, or stubbornness? Is there value to continue?  Does it matter (to me or to those I wish to serve)? Yes, life does happen and goes on – many other factors then the focus. Challenges, rough spots, distractions, but mostly tired – can I stay the […]