Is There Anyone Like Me? LOL

“I am such a dizzy, scattered, off the wall individual.  When I talk, it is rapid pace, a subject in depth, expansive and intelligent.” Oh my, the laughs, that can create from others and of course, rolled eyes and shaking heads.   However, is that not our response at times when we hear others talk, that […]

Friends with Acey & Tyro

Feeling included, respected and cared about by friends is important to all.  Fitting in with peers that have similar interests and abilities as well as with those who are different involves comparing and conforming.  We have feelings.  Others have feelings.  We are all very different and learning how to relate to each other is important […]

Connecting Inside and Out

Connecting Inside means being aware, understanding, acknowledging and accepting all the various facets that are on the inside.  Inside connections involve the various ideas, feelings, intuitions, imaginations, experiences, and knowledge.  Inside connections ignite the whole. Outside connections cross territories of similarity and differences.  Outside requires various dynamics and strategies to make the connections.  Connecting outside […]


I started the draft of this post with traveling through what has been my experiences and gaining greater awareness of where the disconnect feeling comes from. Multiple experiences of disconnect – military dependent life of frequent move; being advanced throughout the school years resulting in peer rejection; being the oldest of seven; difficulty with being […]