Oh No, Here Comes those Positive Feelings Again

Do you experience swinging emotions?  Do you shy away from the happy ones? Experiencing a roller coaster of emotions can be exhilarating or exhausting or both.  Each emotion is lived in vivid color with intensity.  The feelings are extreme.  Peoples responses are you are “too much”.  Mental Health concerns arise of manic or depressive out […]

Flower Essences, a tool for moderating emotional extremes and sensitivities

Understanding your emotional roller coaster helps decide if you will scream or throw your hands up in delight.  Flower Essences focus on the specificity of the emotion, calm the level of the experience, and allow moderation and facilitation of the emotion to be directed by our intention versus only a response.  It takes us outside […]

Emotional Ruts and Flower Essences

I’ve got a feeling.  That’s a line of a chorus of a song that continues – I’ve got a feeling before the day ends I’ll learn a new song and make a new friend. If every day was like that day, I could handle the rut.  However, sometimes I am caught up in anger or […]