Being Different with Acey & Tyro

Acey:  Let’s explore being different.  There are two ways to look at being different.  1) Everyone seems different from me. 2) I am so different. Everyone else does their work; sits quietly; asks very few questions; can touch anything; and plays with each other.  I can’t find anyone like me. I know lots of things.  […]

Overcoming the inside and outside stuff

Inside is such a place of chaos.  It is a place of facing an abyss without any safety ropes.  Inside varies vastly in its temperature from very cold to very hot.  Inside is so isolating and yet so cozy comfortable.  Inside can feel like a void or be so overwhelming full.  Inside comes bursting out […]

Strut Your Stuff! You are a Genius and won’t show It!

Our society – and even though I have spent time in other countries – I refer to the American culture- has specific definition of intelligence and genius. Genius is accepted in the math and sciences. Music and art is accepted with significant excelling. This is on a large scale and with prominence. However, what happens […]

Strut Your Stuff!!!

Strut Your Stuff. You’re a GENIUS and don’t know it! You have heard the saying more than once — you are a unique individual. “oh, yeah, no doubt about it. I am different.” We spend lots of time and effort to blend in or at least not stand out. We may or may not know […]