Failure is a Beginning not an End

When we experience failure we may be devastated and quit.  Yet, failure means we tried something.  We have been in action. To fail is to risk and learn.  We fear failure if we expect perfection.  With our curiosity and desire to explore there will be times when the outcome is not what we wanted or […]

Taoism and the Void / Abyss as a Multi-Talent

  Void – completely empty Abyss – a deep or seemingly bottomless chasm The dark black empty feeling or the edge of the precipice of not knowing what is wrong with you. Many times as a multi-talent fitting in is a staggering challenge.  The factor that there is no one that you can relate to […]

Overcoming the inside and outside stuff

Inside is such a place of chaos.  It is a place of facing an abyss without any safety ropes.  Inside varies vastly in its temperature from very cold to very hot.  Inside is so isolating and yet so cozy comfortable.  Inside can feel like a void or be so overwhelming full.  Inside comes bursting out […]

Self-Doubt Never Eliminated

You have tried and tried.  You have succeeded and achieved.  You have made an impact from behind the scenes and openly.  Yet, a door slamming in your face still creates self-doubt.  Am I really all that smart?  Why does my background of education, certification, and experience not warrant recognition and acknowledgment?  You do not have […]

Others’ Reactions

I have been working on a major project which is to come to a main bench mark here shortly.  The thought of putting me out there brings excitement, enthusiasm and a great deal of trepidation.  Yes, I am worried about others’ reactions and the results. As a coping strategy, I shoot for maintaining a neutral […]


I started the draft of this post with traveling through what has been my experiences and gaining greater awareness of where the disconnect feeling comes from. Multiple experiences of disconnect – military dependent life of frequent move; being advanced throughout the school years resulting in peer rejection; being the oldest of seven; difficulty with being […]