Ask Me: Is there something wrong with me?

    “Know that our idiosyncrasies are part of our norm.” Edith Johnston PhD LPC   When we ask “is something wrong with me,” we are usually looking at a “disease” process; something that needs to be “fixed”; or not being “normal”. Normal is defined as:  conforming to a standard, type or regular pattern; being […]

Overcoming the Void

  Here is a conversation with Dr. Edith Johnston on Overcoming the Void.  When we do not fit in or feel weird, how do we overcome that empty feeling within?  The answer is not mediocrity.  How do we feel comfortable in our own skin and how we express ourselves?  Listen and join in a conversation […]

Understanding the World Inside and Out

Being human – that is fairly common.  However, being a high ability creative multi-talented individual is a totally different story.  Finding others that can relate to the rapid fire ideas and multiple patterns of connections is not so easy. The world inside a multi-talent is one of many ideas, many perspectives, many alternatives, many views, […]

Getting to know the person that really counts – Me!

The crazy dilemma –> of feeling different, not fitting in, that there is more to me than meets the eye, something is wrong with me, competent and level of success with it not feeling right – what is with me? Do you have a unique perception of things around you?  Do you relate intensely to […]

Smart, Brilliant, Intelligent – What does it Matter?

Everyday is a challenge.  Trying to stay focused.  Trying to have enough energy to get things done.  Going to work / school and not being bored out of my head.  Repeat, repeat, repeat – doing the same things, hearing the same thing – over and over.  Things come easily.  The answers are obvious.  It is all […]

Are You Special?

Well are you breathing? That is the first test. You will notice I did not ask – do you know how to breathe – that is a discussion for another time. Since you are breathing, YES, you are special. I know that is a cliché – you are special, you are unique. However, it is […]