The Brain, the Mind, Cognition– Head Injury, Chronic Pain

Multi-talents gain an awareness of being different and that their minds do not work the same as others.  When high ability cognitive processes are impacted with a head injury or chronic pain many times it is not recognized or acknowledged.  The individual with the experience KNOWS that his/her brain is not functioning the same as […]

How to Manage Me

It is very frustrating to always be trying to blend in.  Mediocrity does not work well for me.  It leaves me feeling all bottled up.  And of course there are the slips when I forget and do not keep what I think or feel contained.  There is also the fact that I experience and relate […]


We speak of existential depression, what of hope? Hope is –   The feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out well; to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence; to believe, desire, or trust; and/or to feel that something desired may happen. In our ability to see solutions […]

Made a Mistake – That Sinking Feeling

When you don’t feel right about something you said, did, or left undone, does it give you that sinking feeling?  Do you feel all churned up inside, because you know that was not what you intended or wanted to transpire?  You know your standards, your mode of operation, is much higher than that. It can […]

My Problem is I’m Really Smart – Now What?

            I have finally come to accept that I am really smart.  I probably meet the qualifications for being gifted and maybe Mensa.  So maybe, I am not crazy after all.   Achievements, I have some, nothing major.  I know I have always had lots of ideas, racing thoughts, and solved things […]