Overwhelmed as a Multi-Talent

That oh so too frequent experience of feeling overwhelmed day in and day out.  We have so many things going on in our head, our sensations, our daily activities that we can get lost in the shuffle.  We need to find our center so that we can return their often and on the spur of […]

Giving and Receiving Compliments as a Multi-Talent

Authenticity comes very much into play with giving and receiving of compliments.  We have very fine filters to detect and screen out the sarcasm.  We have received many mixed messages.  Then we have expectations (ours and others) of perfectionism.  However, the dilemma appears with a focus on the end product.  Complementing the process and the […]

You’re Great! Can’t be Talking about ME.

As multi-talented women many times we are amazed by the outstanding contribution, performance, presentation… expression by other multi-talented females.  We ooohhhh and aaahhh over what they have done.  We respond with accolades of their magnificence.  We shower them with praise and recognition.  We greet them with enthusiasm and are so happy for their “success”. However, […]

Space in Your Life for Fun, Rest, and Play

You know that blank space (margins) around the page full of words, it has a function.  Let’s see – 1) It makes it easier to read the words, 2) it lets you make notes or put asterisks to point our important stuff, 3)  it allows for doodling if listening to someone talk about the words, […]