Free Time – What to do?

  Free Time What will you do?  How will you handle time that is available?  Summer time?  Vacation time?  A cancelled appointment? Free time What will you do?  

Summer Season of Growing

  Summer Time is upon us. New growth is everywhere.  What will you discover?  Explore? What will be your new growth?  

Too Much? Time to Reduce the Clutter

Find in all the rush and overwhelm the point of center Clear away the clutter and the debris Let the ideas flow Let the space open up Let life flow by reducing the stumbling blocks Find the roots of meaning  And experience the freedom of blowing in the wind  

Women Making the Most of Being Smart- that’s intelligent!

Thinking is the ultimate human resource.  However when thinking we try to do too much – emotions, information, logic, hope, and creativity all crowd in on us.  To help us sort through all these aspects involved with our thinking, let’s us De Bono’s Thinking Hats. As a refresher or an intro here is a summary […]

Write It Out

 Chaos, confusion, so much to do, so much to choose. What will I do? Write It Out! Organize, Gain Clarity, Have a plan, Release Then take action with spring in your step.

Learning is a Process

  Learning is a process.   We grasp our specific learning style.   We apply our ways of learning (reading, listening, seeing, drawing, practicing, doing….).   We take those steps and soar with new knowledge and skills.