Smart – but what, where, how to express

As multi-talents there is a drive to create and express our various talents.  There is a passion to explore and experience our multitude of interests.  There are times we just want to do so in the quiet of our own space and other times we want to shout it out to the world.  There is […]

Expressing Inside and Out

Expressing for the Inside, just for me is OK and delicious.  Inside wants to burst without the opportunity to express all those exciting ideas and visions.  Inside it is necessary to express for self to know exuberance. Outside expression brings solutions, beauty, and joy to others.  Outside can appreciate the ultimate results.  Outside may shun […]

What expression of your abilities brings you the most joy?

Delving into “Practical Genius” by Gina Amaro Rudan, I defined my opening question to connect with others from my story.  The idea is to be in your sweet spot (your G –genius- spot) continuously to relate authentically from your whole paradoxical being.  Your personal quest question leads to more intimate exchanges to enhance those you […]