What are your Dreams?

Dreams are wishes upon a star. Dreams are make believe. Dreams are desires coming through. Dreams are the fuel for Reality. What dreams will you crystallize and then realize?   What is your experience?  Share in the comments below.  Join in the conversation.  

Exploring Inside Oneself

Deep dark inside  There are wonders to discover. The internal world has much to explore. What beauty will you unearth? What strength will you see?   What is your experience?  Share in the comments below.  Join in the conversation.  

Taoism and Connecting the Dots

Connect the Dots… A strong desire exists for people to find connections.  This in turn becomes patterns, literature and music.  Think about music for a moment, in life, as life. The moments are notes Strung together, this becomes a song of life Our consciousness the melody The tempo, is the heart beating                                     Casey Kochmer,  […]

Free Time – What to do?

  Free Time What will you do?  How will you handle time that is available?  Summer time?  Vacation time?  A cancelled appointment? Free time What will you do?  

Multi-Talents and Creating Consistently

Multi-talents can be proliferous with their creations, run into blocks and struggle with creating anything, never finish any creation, not know where to start, or have a practice that works for them.  The question is do we want to create consistently?  Creating is part of who we are.  Our creations take many forms.  Honoring that […]

Creating Consistently

Allow for space and time Know the vast resource contained within Dabble for pleasure and let the source from within flow