Connecting with others like me as a Multi-Talent

Connecting with others like us provides an opportunity for conversations where we can be understood, accepted, and delve into a topic.  Connecting with others like us means we are not alone.  We can share, commiserate, challenge, mentor and support each other. What would you like to happen in connecting with others like you? What needs […]

Smart, but what and where are the connections?

Smart with many talents can leave us with the feeling of being all alone in a crowd.  When can stand out like a sore thumb or being hidden away in a corner.  Joining a conversation can be like entering a foreign land – there are no connections.  However, connecting with others is part of our […]

Smart, but where is the understanding?

Where is the understanding?  Smart and can figure out a million things.  On the other hand, why can’t others get it?  Frequently asked and pondered.  Also, lack of understanding felt so deep that a whirlwind of chaos is experienced. Being multi-talented sets the scene for a dynamic with understanding and misunderstanding.  Need to start with […]

Me…… Connecting?

I wonder who I am.  I wonder if there are any others like me.  I wonder how you make connections with others.  I wonder what the pattern will be when the dots are connected. I see myself as not fitting in and feel alone.  However, that is not the total reality.  Having high abilities means […]

The Challenge and Need of Communicating with Others

As multi-talents with fast paced thoughts, ideas and exuberance, it is challenging to communicate with peers, colleagues, friends and families.  However, there is the real need to be able to communicate.  What strategies can we use?  Have we looked at the different point of views?  Have we applied our abilities to facilitate the communication? Communication […]

Why are they so dumb?

They just don’t seem to get it. How can they not see the solution? It is so obvious. What do they mean that does not make any sense? That is how you get from point A to point E (there is no or no need for B, C, or D). Do you run into this […]