Analyze Source and Choose

Who we are is up to us. Discover our values, beliefs, needs. Analyze the source and impact. Make a choice. Share your experience.  Leave a comment.  Let’s connect.  

Let’s Explore Emotions with Acey & Tyro

Feelings galore – I’m really, really everything – excited, disappointed, happy, sad, angry, frustrated, or… Acey:  Let’s explore our emotions.  Every day I am really high and really low.  How I feel can change in a moment’s notice.  Others say I’m too much.  They say I’m just too sensitive and get overly excited about the […]

What stands in our way?

There never seems to be enough hours in the day.  Or the year has gone by so fast.  Or I will do that when…..  Each of these is the perspective that time is out of our control.  Yet we have choice on what we do with our time – spend it, use it, waste it, […]

Developing How to Learn – Thinking It Through

Learning provides an opportunity to gain knowledge that does not come easy.  Learning develops skills for decision making, coping, and creating. When things come easy to us we can give up, quit, or avoid anything that challenges us or requires applied effort.  By developing how to learn we gain more resources and options in how […]

Fabulous Me, Fabulous You, Celebrate!

Each day is a celebration.  No each day is not perfect happiness.  Yet each day is a celebration of life, living, being, exploring, experiencing.  And yes, that is about the great moments and the not so great moments.  In that celebration we need to acknowledge how fabulous we are and celebrate. I can get so […]

Overcoming the Intensity – Thinking It Through

We experience life with intensity.  We live intensely. And we express with intensity.  This includes how we experience our environment.  We take in more sensual cues and information which can enhance our experience or surpass our tolerances.  We feel the full spectrum of emotions intensely and then our expression is expansive.  This can result in […]