How To

It is not whether you can or can’t It is figuring out ‘How To’

Dot to Dot, Big Picture LOL

The current trend is adult coloring books.  There are also adult dot to dot books that replicate significant art pieces.  These involve in lots of details and singular focus.  We delve in to enjoy the wonders of childhood again.  We gain some fun and relaxation.  We laugh at the idea and then it works for […]

Determine Us?

The world around us impacts us but does not determine us. Share your experience.  Leave a comment.  Let’s connect.    

Managing the deluge of the Holidays

We are in the midst of the holidays.  We have had Black Friday and Cyber Monday and somewhere in there was Thanksgiving.  The countdown to Christmas began in July.  Now it is the time for all our own personal expectations to kick in.  We can become overwhelmed and haggard.  What to do? Back to basics; […]

Analyze Source and Choose

Who we are is up to us. Discover our values, beliefs, needs. Analyze the source and impact. Make a choice. Share your experience.  Leave a comment.  Let’s connect.  

Let’s Explore Emotions with Acey & Tyro

Feelings galore – I’m really, really everything – excited, disappointed, happy, sad, angry, frustrated, or… Acey:  Let’s explore our emotions.  Every day I am really high and really low.  How I feel can change in a moment’s notice.  Others say I’m too much.  They say I’m just too sensitive and get overly excited about the […]