Get the Clutter Out of the Way

Clutter:  1) a disorderly heap or assemblage                 2) a state or condition of confusion   Multi-talents are creating in many different directions.  Many ideas and projects are in process everywhere.  The desk, the studio, work space or living space shows all the possibilities, all the starts and all that is progressing.  Our thoughts and […]

Taoism and Intensity

“Overexcitabilities are inborn intensities indicating a heightened ability to respond to stimuli. Found to a greater degree in creative and gifted individuals, overexcitabilities are expressed in increased sensitivity, awareness, and intensity, and represent a real difference in the fabric of life and quality of experience. Dabrowski identified five areas of intensity-Psychomotor, Sensual, Intellectual, Imaginational, and […]

Write It Out

 Chaos, confusion, so much to do, so much to choose. What will I do? Write It Out! Organize, Gain Clarity, Have a plan, Release Then take action with spring in your step.

Pressure requires Decisions

Pressures build.  Self-Care involves releasing the pressure. What conscious choice will you make? What direction calls you with your center well-being in mind? Stop, Listen, Choose.  Release the pressure with Joy.

Creating Consistently

Allow for space and time Know the vast resource contained within Dabble for pleasure and let the source from within flow

Pressures from Within

  All the things you say about yourself or repeat to yourself what others say – pressure. Everything that you expect from yourself and others expect of you – pressure. Feel the pressure.  Release the pressure.   Breathe and Be!