Ask Me: What is with feeling so empty and no hope?

    “Facing the abyss, the turmoil of loneliness, our response is self-compassion.” Edith D Johnston PhD LPC   Not being heard; not being accepted; feeling all alone, creates a hollowness, an emptiness inside.  Not seeing results, or outcomes that matter leaves us hanging.  The experience can be confusion and pain from all the suffering, […]

Managing the deluge of the Holidays

We are in the midst of the holidays.  We have had Black Friday and Cyber Monday and somewhere in there was Thanksgiving.  The countdown to Christmas began in July.  Now it is the time for all our own personal expectations to kick in.  We can become overwhelmed and haggard.  What to do? Back to basics; […]

Creating the Pause

Our minds run rapid with ideas, thoughts, opinions, perspective, etc.  We may be reliving a past experience, planning for the future, and doing a routine task in the present.  Are we aware of how we are feeling?  Are we aware of our current attitude?  Do we really know what we are doing? Many times we […]

Routines and Tools to Facilitate Purposeful Living

We often can feel overwhelmed, stressed out, or in the midst of chaos.  Daily routines help us manage the extremes and focus on what is important to us.  If we identify the tools and strategies that can make us more effective we can reduce the intensity we experience day in and day out with life’s […]

Balance and Routine

Does everything seem chaotic?  Does it seem like there is too much to do and not enough time?  Do you have an established routine and yet still something seems to be missing?  Do you realize that balance is a fluid state versus a stagnant state?  Do you have your big picture clearly in mind? Calendars, […]

Where am I?

      Confusion, chaos, and yet with a pause  Comes peace and knowing All is and can be   Share your experience.  Ask any questions.  The comments are for conversation.  Let’s connect.