To prove myself or follow my dreams?

Making career decisions are always a challenge.  Over the years those decision have been made with various priorities being considered.  The factors have included – family, significant other, interests, challenges, personal preference, expectations (mine and others), responsibilities, environment (economic, geographical location, community).  Each has been made from the perspective of a multi-talented woman. As typical […]

A Career, A Job, A Business … Confining or Expanding

As a multi-talented individual how are you experiencing you career, job, business?  Does it feel that you are confined or are you able to expand into all your talent areas?  Limiting or making a choice is not a requirement for “success”.  Let’s explore options and what can work for you. As a multi-talent, you have […]

So Many Interests, How Do I Choose a Career?

When you have many interests and many talents, it can lead to the delight of sampling a variety or even everything.  It can also make it difficult to choose a single career, become focused as guidance counselors recommend.  However there are a couple of dynamics that can be in play: 1) You enjoy the new […]