Basics in business strategy in 2013

Basics in business strategy in 2013 –  means for me Basics in the business of life as well as in the business of How To Life Consultants, LLC.  For me it is difficult to separate the two.  The values I hold are intertwined in my personal and business life.  Values that are important to me […]

A Career, A Job, A Business … Confining or Expanding

As a multi-talented individual how are you experiencing you career, job, business?  Does it feel that you are confined or are you able to expand into all your talent areas?  Limiting or making a choice is not a requirement for “success”.  Let’s explore options and what can work for you. As a multi-talent, you have […]

Book Review – Renaissance Business

Renaissance Business, Make Your Multipotentiality Your Day Job,  by Emilie Wapnick Emilie provides a marvelous personal example of how an individual with many interests can craft an overarching theme which allows you to use your various talents and to explore new ones. In Renaissance Business Emilie helps you identify your interests, your passions and how […]