Releasing the Pressure is part of Self-Care

Multi-talents are notorious for trying to do everything for everyone and to perfection.  We have lots of interests.  We do many things easily.  Then as women we are caregivers by nature and training.  We have expectations from family, culture, society, and add to them ourselves.  There is lots of baking soda in the vessel and […]

How do you learn?

As a multi-talent we have so many things that come so easy, many times we do not know how to learn and/or do not know our learning style.  The main learning styles are auditory, visual-spatial, read – write and kinesthetic.  Think through the way you usually obtain new information.  What modality works best for you […]

Environments Internal and External Affect Multi-Talents

Let’s start with our internal environment.  Our kaleidoscope of emotions, ideas, self-doubts, passions, etc. all whirl together in many colors and patterns.  The experience can be one of overwhelm or exuberance.  With awareness of the way we function we can make choices regarding the experience.  We can choose to know the calm within the chaos […]

Learning to Love Yourself

The void is ever present.  The abyss can be just steps away.  The intensity of our emotions as multi-talents lends our experience to one of extreme and overwhelm.  Our self-doubt, our lack of confidence, our perspective we are not good enough and will be found out are all part of the intensity with which we […]

Multi-Talents and Creating Consistently

Multi-talents can be proliferous with their creations, run into blocks and struggle with creating anything, never finish any creation, not know where to start, or have a practice that works for them.  The question is do we want to create consistently?  Creating is part of who we are.  Our creations take many forms.  Honoring that […]

Self-Pressure as a Multi-Talent

We can put great pressures on ourselves by expecting perfection.  When we accept others expectations of us without questioning we can add pressure.  We add pressures when we experience being ignored, rejected, or not included, not fitting in, not being understood or not connecting.  We have a choice on our response to our self-talk, what […]