Burnout ???

So Tired…  To go on – is it determination, persistence, or stubbornness? Is there value to continue?  Does it matter (to me or to those I wish to serve)? Yes, life does happen and goes on – many other factors then the focus. Challenges, rough spots, distractions, but mostly tired – can I stay the […]

Where does play fit in?

Play as an adult – for rejuvenation, creativity, integration, and FUN.  Children learn through play.  They look at the world with wonder.  Responsibility is part of growing up, and play remains a necessity in the plan. The idea of play we want to look at is an activity used to relax or refresh the body […]

The Act of Balancing as a Multi-Talent

Our minds race.  Our lives are oh so busy.  Balancing our various responsibilities, stress, play, desires, meaning, and quiet times is key to developing ourselves.  Let’s explore ways to juggle the many facets of life and continue to develop our talents and abilities for expression. Let’s start with racing minds.  This creates challenges in focusing, […]

What is Important in Making Life or Career Decisions?

Let’s go beyond, is the decision right or wrong (for me), or there is only one answer.  We need to look at an action oriented process that takes in the many facets of our lives.  We need to look at our interests, desires, values, identity, preferences, experiences, responsibilities and goals for our lives.  Our dislikes […]