Dot to Dot, Big Picture LOL

The current trend is adult coloring books.  There are also adult dot to dot books that replicate significant art pieces.  These involve in lots of details and singular focus.  We delve in to enjoy the wonders of childhood again.  We gain some fun and relaxation.  We laugh at the idea and then it works for […]

Transitioning to Sleep

Multi-talents most often experience an intense high energy day, every day.  Time for relaxation and rejuvenation are important.  Which means a good night’s sleep comes in handy.  However, going from a rocket ship pace to a moment of stillness can be difficult and requires applying the brakes.  The brakes are creating a transition that slows […]

‘Free’ Time – Is it a Challenge?

My first thought is – YES.  Where is it?  That is a very common reality for a multi-talent with many interests, a tendency toward perfection, curiosity galore, a bucket list a mile long, and on top of that a pragmatic, responsible, achiever.  Yet, the question can arise when ‘free’ time comes available how will I […]

Balance as a Multi-Talent

We can have singular focus and loose awareness of anything else.  We can have so many ideas or talents we do not know where to begin.  Balance is an approach within which we can make choices.  Balance is different for each of us. What is balance for us as a multi-talent?  As an individual what […]

Pros and Cons of Being Smart

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To Make the Most of Me

Yes we have multiple talents and many things that come easy to us.  However, that does not result in excellence or mastery.  We also have areas that we struggle with, are not so good at.  That only means we are human, perfection is for the gods.  To make the most of me, we need to […]