Music a Daily Experience

Music is all around us if we are quiet, listen with open ears and heart.  There is the blowing of the wind, the buzz of the bees, the swaying of the trees, the hum of the insects, the noise of the city, the sounds of children playing, etc.  Yes these are the sounds that then […]

Taoism and Balance

  As Multi-Talents, we keep many plates spinning in the air at the same time.  We can become immersed in a specific pursuit and lose track of time and place.  We are bombarded by ideas and by sensations which can create overwhelm.  We have the various roles of our lives with the corresponding responsibilities.  We […]

Failure is a Beginning not an End

When we experience failure we may be devastated and quit.  Yet, failure means we tried something.  We have been in action. To fail is to risk and learn.  We fear failure if we expect perfection.  With our curiosity and desire to explore there will be times when the outcome is not what we wanted or […]

Releasing the Pressure is part of Self-Care

Multi-talents are notorious for trying to do everything for everyone and to perfection.  We have lots of interests.  We do many things easily.  Then as women we are caregivers by nature and training.  We have expectations from family, culture, society, and add to them ourselves.  There is lots of baking soda in the vessel and […]

Environments Internal and External Affect Multi-Talents

Let’s start with our internal environment.  Our kaleidoscope of emotions, ideas, self-doubts, passions, etc. all whirl together in many colors and patterns.  The experience can be one of overwhelm or exuberance.  With awareness of the way we function we can make choices regarding the experience.  We can choose to know the calm within the chaos […]

Good Enough is Fine

Perfection is not the goal – Excellence is the target The Uniqueness is Part of the Beauty What you accomplish is a natural wonder for the moment as it is