Taoism and Developing Talents

  We have multiple talents.  We have multiple interests that lead to talents.  We do many things easily and yet experience the perception we are an imposter.  Even with intrinsic talent, skill development lends to greater expression.  A simple example is playing the piano – it comes easily and yet to express fully, we need […]

Taoism and Learning

  As Multi-Talents, so many things come so easily for us.  We do not have to prepare, study, or work at it.  Many times we make it through classes without exerting any real effort.  Then we may make such comments that it is all so easy and thus we are bored.  The question becomes do […]

Connecting the Dots as a Multi-Talent

Connecting the dots of the big picture is something that comes naturally and yet there can be gaps.  Other times that is exactly what we see is the gaps in the big picture and opportunities or solutions to fill the gaps – complete the connecting of the dots. There is also the aspect of connecting […]

Good Enough is Fine

Perfection is not the goal – Excellence is the target The Uniqueness is Part of the Beauty What you accomplish is a natural wonder for the moment as it is  

Abilities as a Multi-Talent

Abilities or our talents are those innate aspects that come easily and naturally to us as multi-talents.  Some of these abilities we have interests and passions for; but maybe not all of them.  We pursue various talents by choice, guidance or expectations.  We stumble as we pursue the talents because our express is not good […]

Smart, what is there to develop?

We can have intelligence in many areas and outstanding abilities in one or more.  It does not mean our expression is well developed.  An obvious example is music is your talent and piano is your instrument.  Practice and development of the talent to master the skill for a desired expression is necessary.  Immersing ourselves in […]