Bonus for The Ageless Way

A Myriad of Ideas : Personal Development for Multi-Talented Individual

This workbook provides you with “The Data” using exerts of resources on the challenges of high abilities.  It gives a personal story in  “The Experience”  of the challenges.  Then leads the way for your own introspection and growth through “The Quest”.  This is a tool for acknowledging and expressing your multi-talents. Value =$17.00


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Half Hour consulting session with Dr. Edith Johnston to session in follow up applying the workbook to figure out the “how to” express your multi-talents and live life fully. Value – $70.00

To schedule your session email me at with subject line:   Bonus session for The Ageless Way

Edith Dress fullEdith Johnston PhD LPC has 35 years of experience guiding individuals to figuring out the “How To” in living life fully.  She has a life time of experience as a multi-talented.  She is educated with four degrees and many lessons through the school of hard knocks. She has extensive work in pain management (physical and emotional), disability adjustment, career development, and life event transitions.

She has worked with a broad clientele with diverse abilities and challenges.  Her focus is to inspire subdued talents to emerge with confidence and delight.  She helps multi-talented individuals to go beyond mediocrity and develop their means of expression.  Personal development and growth for contentment and contribution are her elixir to facilitate the unknown becoming known, the magic to become science.

She is an author, public speaker, conducts workshops and classes, live and virtual.  She provides tools, supports, insights in understanding, overcoming, developing, expressing, and connecting to experience your potential and abilities.

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